Money can be saved when we repair your broken cell phone instead of you paying for a new phone, signing a long contract or waiting long periods of time for the manufacturer to replace or repair it.

CellularRepairUSA will diagnose your phone, replace or repair any failed part, and get your phone back in your hands quick. Most repairs are carried out in less than two days. We have a vast array of parts always in stock, and qualified technicians to carry out our repairs.


Housing Replacement

Want to make your phone look brand new? A different color? Too many scratches on the housing? Cellular Repair USA can replace the entire housing on your phone!


Mute Switch Repair/Replacement

We can replace your broken and damaged iPhone Mute Switch Repair. This repair fixes the problem you are having with the mute switch on your Apple iPhone. Did your mute button or switch break or fall off on your iPhone? No problem, the experienced iPhone repair technicians can fix this problem for you!


Speaker Repair/Replacement

Your phone is not making any sounds? It only stays in silent mode or vibrates? Is your loud speaker producing static noise underneath the sound? Or is your ringer not functioning at all? Cellular Repair USA can repair and replace your loud speaker, so that your phone continues to produce sweet sounds of communication.


Keypad Replacement

Keypad not functioning? Are some of the keys not working or missing? or are your keys breaking off or are they scratched up so much that you cannot see the letters? Your keypad or keyboard needs to be replaced. You’ll get back to texting in no time.


Battery Repair/Replacement

Is your battery draining very quickly? You might need to have the battery replaced. We can provide you with a new battery replacement service today!


Screen Repair/Replacement

Dropped your phone? Bleeding? Cracked your screen? Touch Screen isn’t responding to your touch?


Camera Repair/Replacement

Not functioning properly? Maybe broken…? not a problem you might just need our camera repair or replacement service.


Charging Port Repair/Replacement

Your phone will not sync! It will not charge! Your phone is in need of a charging port repair. We will replace the charging port on your phone and this will fix the problem of it not being able to charge or sync with your phone.